When Life Gives you lemons, make lemonade…

And add two tablespoons of grade B maple syrup, and a dash of cayenne pepper…then follow that with a yummy laxative tea!  Hello folks and welcome to hell, or otherwise known as the Master Cleanse day 1.

I’m going to back up because there is alot of time between my last post and this one.  Apparently i started this blog back in December and forgot.  Blame it on the stess of graduation or moving.  I officially live in Los Angeles, Califonia now and am actively pursuing an acting career.  It doesnt feel like i do much of anything other than go to work and worry about money, but it will take time to get on my feet and i hope you will all go on that journey with me.

Okay so back to the cleanse.  You have this concoction for 10-14 days and nothing else.  Yes, i said it, NOTHING ELSE.  NO food.  “Why would you do this to yourself” you are probably wondering.  Honestly, i am wondering the same thing right now as lunchtime is fast approaching.  I have heard that this clease can offer you a new kind of energy unmatched my the Starbucks quaduruple shot iced Americano, and that you can gain a sense of clarity and balance in your life, and this is exactly what i need. 

Since i have moved to L.A.  I have done nothing, and i really mean nothing, but work and watch T.V.  Those that know me would say this is terribly out of character.  I enjoy the outside, working out, being creative, and being in the theatre goofing around.  I also thoroughly enjoy eating healthy, organic foods that are good for my body and make me feel good.  Lately my diet has consisted of milkshakes, cupcakes, and grilled cheeses, with the occasional Naked Green Machine and lots of fruit.  Bottom line…I feel like shit.  I have no energy and i am depressed and anxiety ridden about my decision to move to the most expensive city in the country during a freakin’ recession, straight out of college on a Theatre degree.  Smart, i know, people have always told me how intelligent i am!  So to try and remedy this negative way of living and thinking i have decided to go on the Master Clease to rid myself of all the impurities in my body.  This also includes my negative thoughts on my life and my body that have just got to stop!!  So i am taking up yoga and meditation in the morning if i can, to combat these little self esteem crushers before they inch their way into my thoughts and my day.

I’ll keep you all posted on my progress and experience along the way.  And I know i promised a blog when i moved here and you have missed out on about a month of my thrilling escapades here in Los Angeles, but i promise i will recap as i go along.  Thanks for waiting so long, it will be well worth it, i assure you!

Grace and Strength.


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One response to “When Life Gives you lemons, make lemonade…

  1. Glad you’re surviving!
    Can you give me the name of that voice teacher you recommended in Birmingham?

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