Day 2…

There isnt much to say here except that i am hungry.  I got up this morning and like a good little girl i had my 32 oz. of salt water, followed by my morning lemonade.  I skipped the laxative tea because i have to work in a little while and that, my friends, could be disasterous.  I had stomach cramps this morning but, according to all the blogs i have read, that is totally normal.

On a sad note… I wont get to go to yoga again today because they scheduled me to work.  I would normally be happy about this seeing as i am broke and need the money, but Sunday is pay what you can day, and pretty much the only yoga i can afford right now, so it makes me pretty sad.  Guess I’ll have to settle for a walk with Bella instead.   But, i am going to a church tonight called Mosaic.  I heard about it after my roommate, Isla, danced in this collaboration project for artists, by artists here in L.A.  It was beautiful with spoken word, dramatic and comedic scenes, and dance of various kids.  The crowd was super diverse and everyone clearly had a passion for what they were doing.  It was the first time since i have been in L.A. that i felt that feeling of absolute contentment, like i was definately in the right place at that moment in my life.  It’s refreshing to get that little sign from God that you are on your path again, because most times i feel that i am off of it.  Anyway, the church seems to stand for the love of God, and all people, expressed through art in order to make big changes in the world.  Hopefully it will say something to me and I will be able to call it home. 



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2 responses to “Day 2…

  1. Jen P.

    Oh how we miss you! Sounds like you ate lots of “comfort foods” in the attempt to transition to a new place — your return to exercise & better eating may be your cue that you are ready to settle into your new life. And maybe it will become home. 🙂

  2. Hey gorgeous, how was the church? I can’t wait to hear how you liked it, it sounds so cool. I left you a voicemail this morning but I bet you were at work. Maybe we can catch up tonight.

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