“every breath you take…”

 This is what i hear in the background as my best friend, her friend from Canada, and her entire family sing along to the lyrics while watching Don’t Forget The Lyrics on t.v.  We are really just waiting for the Simpson’s to come on.  So I have about five minutes to post a short update. 

I GOT THE JOB!!!  I got the job i was interviewing for at Equinox Fitness, so I am officially a sales person at the Woodland Hills location.  I begin training tomorrow morning for a few days and finish up my schedule at Urban and hopefully i will finally be making enough money to pay my bills and I can stay in Los Angeles.  I am in San Diego today but have to drive back in about an hour.  I came down to celebrate Rena’s birthday early because she will be out of town on her real birthday.  Yesterday we just walked around downtown and went to this fabulous used bookstore were Rena found some books on philosophy.  I found a great collection of Ibsen that wasn’t very expensive, but alas, I am trying to save money.  Hopefully it will be there when i come back.  Today we packed a fabulous lunch of homemade hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes, snow peas, sharp cheddar cheese, turkey, avocado, watermelon and feta cheese (yes these two go together) and various crackers and hauled our cookies (oatmeal and chocolate chip to be exact) to the beach!!  It was a beautiful day and only about 70 degrees so we laid in the sun listening to Arabic music on ipods and reading books.  The sand here is so beautiful.  It is gray and sometimes black and has sparkly pieces of gold, well i like to think it is, in it.  Some kids were burying themselves in the sand and when they got up and shook it all off, there was this gold residue on their skin that made it look like they had gotten a little crazy with some spray paint.  So cute!  After our relaxing day we came home to a fabulous cooked meal of shrimp pasta with asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes, french bread, and birthday cake from a local German bakery.  It was chocolate with this raspberry center, UGH-mazing, really!  I feel so lucky to have a friend like Rena who has such a wonderful family that always makes me feel at home.  Time for a two hour road trip and lots of Iron and Wine…in that order exactly.  Buenos Noches!


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  1. Rena

    My home IS your home. Always.

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