$5 dollar bills, ya’ll

So, gas is almost to five dollars a gallon here!  Shitty, i know!  I have been away as you can see, because i started my new job and there has just been no time what so ever.  I don’t even have much to say today other than, i am depressed and broke.  Yesterday was a good day, training went well and i had to “roleplay,” (no not that kind!) with my two supervisors.  They both said i did really well and that i would start on the “up’s” system, making commission, on thursday.  Today is my day off and i am going to sell my clothes for money, becuase like i said, i am broke.  It’s depressing when you cant save any money what so ever, it makes me feel really unstable.  Not to mention one of my roommates is accusing me of stealing her tupperware.  yes, i said tupperware. 

On a  more postitive note, i really, really…really love my acting class!  The teacher is really down to earth and knowledgeable on the business.  He tells it like it is, but has no doubt in his mind that we can succeed if we work hard.  The ones who do not succeed just think its too hard, or there are too many people out here to compete with, and they give up.  Well I will not give up!  We break down scenes and analyze them and he teaches us how to look at them throught the eyes of a director.  This week we had to “know what we are selling” in terms of our headshots.  We had to go home and cut out pictures of actors that we look like or that we could play and put them on construction paper.  Know the artsy, crafty kindergartener in me was sooo excited, but you  might be asking, what for?  sounds like a pointless assignment.  Well the point was to know how you are percieved by an audience or say, by a casting director.  Am i the girl next door, lawyer, school teacher,  prostitute with a drug problem, welfare mom?  What do people see when they look at my headshot, and is that what i want to be selling?  I will have some headshots soon, but this will be a good excercise to do before i cross that bridge.  Im off to sell clothes and buy a couple of magazines and some $5 a gallon gas!  God i love California!



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2 responses to “$5 dollar bills, ya’ll

  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. You will not be broke for long…you are going to do SO WELL at your job and make tons of money. Seriously, you’re an actor, just act like people really need to join the gym.


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