So Apparently…

I am really not good at keeping up with a blog.  I tried, really i did, life just got in the way.  But, right here, right now, i am making a promise (to my five avid readers who probably havent checked in a while) that i will start keeping up with this blog, cross my heart!!

So today i finally met with a photographer that i really like and i think i am going to use her for my long awaited headshots and get this ball rolling!  I quit my job at Equinox because it was eating up all of my time and the drama was like living through highschool all over again, seriously!  I am now nannying for a family in Calabasas, a bit of a drive from my house, but i think i will be worth it.  They have three children but i will really only be with the youngest one, who is a very brave and spirited 3 year old, most of the time.  It is between part and full time hours so i will have time to go on auditions and participate in projects that shoot on the weekends or at night.  I am also looking at enrolling in some night classes to keep up with my acting skills.  So i have made it in L.A. almost five months, but have nothing to show for it.  It’s time to change that!!


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  1. Jen P.

    I am glad you are getting to put your excellent kid skills to use – AND getting time to follow the dream. I just hate it that with 3 girls you aren’t getting to demonstrate your Thomas the Train knowledge! How about American Girl? Any of that come in handy? Miss you!

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