Friday the 13th…well it felt like it!

The day started out rather well, i took my car in to have the smog check done…and it passed and I had a fantastic breakfast of mom’s french toast, eggs, and the best french press coffee in the city at The Griddle.  But around the middle of the day my luck started to change.  I accompanied my friend Will to his doctor’s appointment because we were going to a play later that night and it didn’t make sense to take two cars, and the appointment was at 4:30 so we would be cutting it close if we had decided to meet up after and then go to the Mark Taper Forum, all the way down town, at 6 on a Friday.  When we got to the appointment the receptionist informed us that it would be thirty minutes before we would be seen, pushing the first of two appointments to five o’clock.  After waiting until 5:40, yes that is an hour and 10 minutes past his appointment time, we finally got in to have the hearing test done.  (this particular doctor will not see patients until they have had a hearing test so that he can better diagnose a problem, if any)  After a series of beeps and random words in a room that resembled a WWII bunker, we were in the waiting room again to wait to see the doctor.  At this point i began to get worried.  We needed to be out by 7:15 at the latest to make it downtown by eight to see the show.  We finally get seen, first by a 4th year med student, then by the doctor himself.  He was very knowledgable and it was a pleasant experience, but i am sweating bullets at this point!  I had been looking forward to this show for over a week and it was a preview show with a talk back between the audience and the director and actors afterward, something that doesn’t happen very often…and here i was at UCLA chatting it up about migraines with doctor Akira Ishiyama.  As we are finally finishing, i go ahead to get the car to speed things along.  By 7:15 on the dot, we are finally on our way!

There are two ways to get to the theatre, Wilshire or Santa Monica…we chose Santa Monica because the traffic report via iPhone says 26 minutes, versus Wilshire’s 46 with traffic.  We realize rather quickly that this was the wrrong choice.  It takes us 45 minutes to get halfway to the freeway that we would get on to go to downtown!  As the clock strikes 8 we are only halfway there and still sitting in terrible traffic.  I am sitting in gridlock on Santa Monica Blvd. crying to the dixie chicks’ “Traveling Soldier” when i  realize the we are going to miss the show.  As i waive my surrender flag to the monster that is LA traffic, we decide to pull in to The Grove to eat at the Farmer’s Market.  As we circle the parking lot for the third time, trying to find a space, the car in front of me turns on it’s reverse lights and backs right into my car!  So here i am, dealing with this not so smart girl in a black SUV (who, by the way, hadn’t even realized she had hit my car despite the fact that she drove up ONTO it, bending the hood…yeah), mascara around my eyes, starving, taking insurace information and trying not to scream at her while she explains to me that she works at Toyota and that they will have no problem “popping that dent right out.”

Needless to say, it wasn’t the best night.  Saturday was better as i made some good money babysitting for some very energetic but fun kids all day.  But Sunday to the rescue with the flea market and new vintage sunglasses from Austria!!  And this fantastic find…Rebekka…this was for you, i’d have bought it if i hadn’t spent my extra $500 on headshots!!


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