automatedtelecommunication bastards!!!

DO NOT EVER say yes to free stuff when you are at the cash register of ANY store!!!  They will screw you over and take your credit card information and continue to charge you for months to come.  Believe me, ive been on the phone with a computer for an hour this morning trying to get it taken care of.  So when they say “would you like to recieve three free months of magazines?”  Your answer should always be NO!  Even if you ask the question or present the objection “i do not want to give my credit card information,”  know that you are PAYING with your credit card and they will steal that information and charge you for magazines that you did not order!  So just avoid the problem all together by just saying NO, to the so-called free stuff!



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3 responses to “automatedtelecommunication bastards!!!

  1. GAH yes…that SUCKS!

    But, on a maybe happier note…Maple Sugar is back!

  2. davidwells

    yeah, I had a friedn get his info stolen when Best Buy offered to sign him up for free mags.

  3. Jen P.

    Ick! I always smile & say, “No thank you” when they ask for my phone # too — I don’t WANT “free” coupons – or anything else in the mail — and I don’t want them to sell my info to any lists!

    Hope it all gets better. 🙂

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