Rainy day in L.A.

It RAINED yesterday, for the first time since i have lived here.  It only lasted about a half hour or so, but brought with it a much awaited cool front of temperatures in the 60’s and that smell of fresh rain on hot pavement.  For a second, i felt like i was home.

On Tuesday i went to Santa Barbara with the family i nanny for.  It was so much fun!  I fed giraffes and saw so many animals, and then we had lunch at a seaside cafe and played on the playa.  The water was freezing but it didn’t stop the girls from playing in it, or digging for crabs right where the waves hit the sand. 

I finally have my head shots, so the next step is to get them printed and start sending them out.  Luckily i have a friend here who is giving me advice and helping to guide me through this arduous project.  That would be my biggest asset…friends who have been here longer than me.  And one day i will be the one who has been here longer, and will pass on advice as well.  It’s all cyclical, and right now, I am paying my dues.

One last thing…buy the new Kings of Leon album.  It is epic.


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