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Please everyone get out tomorrow and vote! Bring a good book or some trashy celebrity magazine to keep you entertained because the lines will be long. But whatever you do, don’t stay home or make up some lame excuse like “the wait is too long”, or “its raining”, or “i’m tired”, or “i have to work”. This is history in the making people and we are a priviledged generation to be able to take part in it. Go vote for what you think is right for this country. If you still don’t know who to vote for, just pick one! Exercise your rights!!! If you are wrong then next time you will learn from your mistakes and make the right decision…that’s what i believe i am doing…learning from my mistakes. If you are not registered to vote, REGISTER!!! You may not be able to vote tommorrow, but at least you will be ready next time and there will be no excuses. Please get out the VOTE and let’s change this nation. 537 people decided the last election, your ONE VOTE DOES COUNT!!! Use it!!!


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