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Good Day

As opposed to yesterday which was a bad day!  I went to sign up for central casting and forgot cash.  I very nice young gentleman by the name of Mike helped me out and i told him to follow me to the bank afterwards, i had a paycheck i was going to cash.  So we haul our cookies across town to the Wachovia and when i go to cash the check they say they are unable to do so because it is postdated.  Now i know this was a mistake, but nevertheless, i am getting no cash today.   So i had to call my dad and ask him to put money into my already overdrawn account so that i can pay back this nice man who loaned me $25.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it is just the tip of the iceberg.  Times are hard, i get it.  I have been searching, really…searching, for a job for about three weeks now, and although i am able to pick up some random babysitting, nothing solid has come through.  I signed up with central in order to do some extra work and pick up “extra” money.  I also had to go back to Urban Outfitters and try to get rehired.  Now nothng against the company, as retailers go it’s the best ive worked for, but they don’t pay well and taking a pay cut of almost $7 an hour is no one’s idea of fun!  It is a very frustrating feeling not working and having to ask your parents for money…especially at 25 years old.  It’s getting old, and i know they can feel it, i do too.  Honestly, if i had one wish right now, it would be financial freedom from my parents.  Not a new car or a trip around the world, just a steady paycheck so that i wouldn’t have to feel guilty every time i call, even it is to just say “hi.”

Today, however, was a better day.  A few weeks ago i submitted myself for a play, and yesterday evening i was called back for the leading role.  I went to the audition this morning, nervous but confident in my talent, and did the best i could.  It went well i think, but at this stage i am just proud that i showed up and didn’t run scared.  After that, I went to an open call at Central Casting for a new movie by the director of “The Holiday” and “Something’s Gotta Give.”  While in line, one of the Central Casting directors gave me a card and asked me if i could work tomorrow, then went off to see about something specific that he thought i might be good for.  No word yet on that, but i will of course keep you posted.  The one bad thing that happened today was that i got a parking ticket, $58 from someone who barely has $100 right now.  I hope the city of Los Angeles is proud of itself!

Oh well, I guess we have to take the good with the bad.  Off to the theatre tonight to support some fellow Birminghamians.  Good Night!


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The best what??

So i am up late last night just scanning through the hundreds of channels that exist on satellite t.v. and i come across something that not only have i never heard of, but that i absolutely could not stop watching!  The Best Damn YoYo Championship Ever.  Thats right…yoyoing, for sport.  With tricks like “arm grinds” and “guillotines” who wouldn’t be wildly entertained?  Not only is this a sport that has divisions and competes on live television for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it also is represented by most major countries in the world.  Last night in the finals Germany, Italy, Japan, China, The United States, Mexico, and Brazil were all present!  I am absolutely blown away at how  i didn’t know anything about this until my 25th year of life.  What could be so engaging about teenagers playing with custom made yoyo’s that cost anywhere from $25 to $200 bucks?  Feast your eyes upon this… this is the guy who won the division 1 contest.  It only gets more complicated than this folks!

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Busy week…

but no work. 

It is a very unnerving feeling.  I had some pretty steady babysitting work that has now trickled off.  I have applied to a babysitting website called Sittercity.  It is actually really great.  Families create profiles, as do sitters, and then they match you up and you find jobs.  They can be regular or sporatic.  It works really well for me for picking up extra work.  There is also petsitting, housesitting, and senior care jobs available too.  I’m not sure if its an LA only thing, but if you like babysitting or just want some extra money, i highly recommened it!  Finding a job that you can balance with the pursuit of an acting career is really an artform.  You have to make at least $12 an hour to be able to pay bills, but have no life, and you really need your days free and at least one night for an acting class.  So, that leaves about 30 available hours, if you want at least one day off to breathe, to work at some job you hate that is in no way furthering your career or your brain.  My master plan is to do some extra work 1-2 days a week and combine that income with steady two-three days babysitting a week.  It allows for free time to go to auditions and i can make enough money to pay bills and have a free day once a week to myself.  LA has alot to offer.  Everyone should have at least that to explore the city.

I went to an audition on Tuesday.  It was advertised as a non-union commercial for a place called Breathe Wellness Center.  Im not sure if there really was a commercial that we were auditioning for, or if the casting director agreed to hold the audition in exchange for free advertisement for his workshop.  Kind of awkward but truly, i did not care.  I went on an audition.  In one day i created my resume, went to kinkos, got some temporary headshots printed, went home, took a shower, drove to an audition, made it on time, and didn’t walk out when i got that sick feeling of nervousness in my stomach.  This may seem like a no brainer to you.  You think, “well yeah, you are in LA, you want to be an actor…so you went to an audition, isn’t that what you are supposed to be doing?”  The answer is yes, that is what i am supposed to be doing, but it is so much easier said than done.  So i went, i got over the hurdle, now hopefully i will make it a habit 🙂 

Babysitting this weekend and going to a meeting for a theatre called Sacred Fools, that Jenna recommended.  Have a great weekend lovelies!!

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Today is the day that you should spend with the one, or ones, you love the most.  Due to unexpected events…my plans have changed, but i think it is for the better.  I am going to take my best friend, my dog Bella, to  hike at Runyan Canyon.  It is one of our favorite things to do together.  Then i am going to spend some time on me and go to a yoga class.  Whoever said you can’t love yourself on Valentine’s day?  I may have dinner plans but it is still up in the air.  Hopefully i do because i have a super cute red dress that i want to wear.  Hopefully i’ll have some pics to follow all this talk.

In other news, i went to see Friday the 13th last night with my friend Chris who just moved here from New York.  It was delightfully cheesy, with just the right amount of gratuitous nudity, chessy only-liners, and overly gorey death scenes.  This usually bothers me, but for some reason last night i found it very entertaining.  So for a good time i would highly suggest it!  Happy Valentines Weekend everyone!

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Hello, hello, happy hump day!  This morning i walked to Starbucks with a “feeling a little better” Bella boo and picked up a copy of the Hollywood Reporter and Movie Maker magazine from the local newsstand.  I have made a vow to do something every single day towards my career and, since i am working today, that is my thing of the day.  I also recieved “The Artist’s Way” in the mail yesterday (from the nicest mailman ever, Neil)  and started it last night.  It’s broken down into weeks so it’s a pretty easy read.  The work comes from doing the excersices that are designed to awaken your creative mind. 

 I recieved an email today from a friend who is also an agent, that said she would begin submitting my headshots for castings.  It is both exciting, and nerve racking knowing that it is all starting to come together.  Pressure and release at the same time…if that is possible. 

Doing something daily for your career also includes taking care of your body,which for an actor is our instrument, so until Bella is well enough again to go hiking at Runyan  i will be entering a yoga class.  A studio not far from my house gives new students a two week unlimited pass for only $25, and i this town, that is cheap!  So i will start tomorrow, given that next week is not my week to work all 5 days, and we will see how it goes.  Since you have to use the 14 days consecutively, i want to make sure and start it when i have time, both to attend class and recover from it.  If you have never taken up yoga let me say, when you first start your body is really sore.  I also deal with chronic back pain.  Now i am thankful that i can go on with my life and it isnt debilitating, but i hurt on a daily basis so the transition from no excercise to two weeks of yoga will be hard on my body.  The positive effects of yoga on my body as well as my mind, far outweigh a few weeks of discomfort.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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When it’s grey in LA…

I sure like it that way cause there’s too much sunshine around here…

I really thought that i didn’t like the sunshine relentlessly beating down on me day after day, pretty much since the day i arrived here last spring.  But, as it would turn out, after 4 or so days of clouds and rain, i am freakin’ depressed!  The problem is there is no balance.  You dont get, say, a day a week of clouds or rain and then sun and so on.  You get alot of sun for months at a time, and then days of rain and clouds.  It can really knock you off balance.  So i am here on the couch, sorting headshots, sending emails, checking out theatre companies online, and listening to (and occasionally glancing at) re-runs of Anthony Bourdain.  It sounds like a perfect day, one much deserved by everyone at least a couple times a month in my opinion, but i’m going on day three of it so its gettting kind of old.

So, goals for the week contain…purchase a package of yoga because i am tired of being in pain on a daily basis and i need some spiritual balance in my life.  Also, sign up for casting websites…as recommended by Jenna Fisher (more on that later) and lastly, hang my shower curtain to feel more at home in my bathroom.  I have discovered through trial and error, that the key to getting settled in L.A. isnt getting auditions right off the bat or finding alot of friends, it’s creating a home for yourself.  Don’t get me wrong, i do not mean renting a house for $3000 a month and fully stocking it with ikea furniture and william sonoma kitchen utensils.  I simply mean a place that is safe and comfortable for you to come home to…a sanctuary if you will.  I only own a bed currently, but i look for cheap (and free) items to refurbish that currently act as furniture or that have the ability to function as it.  It is cheap and it gives me something to do in my free time.  I am currently working on a bedside table that has alot of charater but is missing a foot. I found it behind a restaurant, across the street from my boyfriend’s (yes, you heard it here first folks…b-o-y-friend’s…) house, which we frequent more than our budgets allow.  But with dishes like blueberry apple crisp and a brunch menu that includes french toast stuffed with blackforest ham, swiss cheese, and blackberry jam…who could resist???

On Saturday i attended question and answer/talkback with Jenna Fisher from the Office.  In case you do not watch that show, she plays Pam and is oh soooo cute!!  My acting teacher here taught her and has developed a friendship with her.  When she has free time, she gives it to students of his to tell her story and offer any advice that she can.  It is a tremendously selfless thing to do for a working actor of her level.  Here are some of the things i took away from her words.

-I am right where i am sopposed to be and I AM ENOUGH!!  Now my teacher says this all time, but it felt different coming from her.  It is hard for actors, especially ones who move to Los Angeles with little, or in my case, no professional experience to feel satified with what we are doing…which in most cases feels like a whole lot of nothin’!  But Jenna said RELAX, you are right where you’re supposed to be.  I moved all the way across the country with hardly any money and no friends.  That in itself is more than most people do so… “Own what you have done!”

-“Being an actor is extremely self absorbed.”  Now she wasn’t saying that we are all self absorbed and selfish people.  What she meant is that the focus is always on you.  What you look like, what they (agents, public, casting directors etc.) think of you, blah, blah, blah, me, me, me!!  SO…find something that you are interested in that can take the focus off of you and put on something or someone else.  She joined an organization that resued kittens.  When she did this, it really helped her find a focus and it took her out of herself.

-“Purchase the book “The Artist’s Way.”   And so i did….I’ll keep you posted.

-“Do not stop your life for acting because then you will have nothing to draw from.”  This sounds pretty simple but i find it can be really hard.  Basically she was just saying don’t put those “rights of passage”  in your life to the side because you have an audition.  BUT do not ever treat audtions as frivalous…they are important too.  Finding a balance is the key.

-“Nerves, much like fat cells, never really go away, they just get smaller.”  Take what you will from this, but for me it means my nerves are a part of me, i am normal for having them, and they arent going anywhere.  I must, for the sake of my career, learn to use them for my success and not to my demise 

Well i am off to scour Craigslist for another job, because although just being in L.A. is enough for me right now…It won’t pay the rent!  Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!


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