When it’s grey in LA…

I sure like it that way cause there’s too much sunshine around here…

I really thought that i didn’t like the sunshine relentlessly beating down on me day after day, pretty much since the day i arrived here last spring.  But, as it would turn out, after 4 or so days of clouds and rain, i am freakin’ depressed!  The problem is there is no balance.  You dont get, say, a day a week of clouds or rain and then sun and so on.  You get alot of sun for months at a time, and then days of rain and clouds.  It can really knock you off balance.  So i am here on the couch, sorting headshots, sending emails, checking out theatre companies online, and listening to (and occasionally glancing at) re-runs of Anthony Bourdain.  It sounds like a perfect day, one much deserved by everyone at least a couple times a month in my opinion, but i’m going on day three of it so its gettting kind of old.

So, goals for the week contain…purchase a package of yoga because i am tired of being in pain on a daily basis and i need some spiritual balance in my life.  Also, sign up for casting websites…as recommended by Jenna Fisher (more on that later) and lastly, hang my shower curtain to feel more at home in my bathroom.  I have discovered through trial and error, that the key to getting settled in L.A. isnt getting auditions right off the bat or finding alot of friends, it’s creating a home for yourself.  Don’t get me wrong, i do not mean renting a house for $3000 a month and fully stocking it with ikea furniture and william sonoma kitchen utensils.  I simply mean a place that is safe and comfortable for you to come home to…a sanctuary if you will.  I only own a bed currently, but i look for cheap (and free) items to refurbish that currently act as furniture or that have the ability to function as it.  It is cheap and it gives me something to do in my free time.  I am currently working on a bedside table that has alot of charater but is missing a foot. I found it behind a restaurant, across the street from my boyfriend’s (yes, you heard it here first folks…b-o-y-friend’s…) house, which we frequent more than our budgets allow.  But with dishes like blueberry apple crisp and a brunch menu that includes french toast stuffed with blackforest ham, swiss cheese, and blackberry jam…who could resist???

On Saturday i attended question and answer/talkback with Jenna Fisher from the Office.  In case you do not watch that show, she plays Pam and is oh soooo cute!!  My acting teacher here taught her and has developed a friendship with her.  When she has free time, she gives it to students of his to tell her story and offer any advice that she can.  It is a tremendously selfless thing to do for a working actor of her level.  Here are some of the things i took away from her words.

-I am right where i am sopposed to be and I AM ENOUGH!!  Now my teacher says this all time, but it felt different coming from her.  It is hard for actors, especially ones who move to Los Angeles with little, or in my case, no professional experience to feel satified with what we are doing…which in most cases feels like a whole lot of nothin’!  But Jenna said RELAX, you are right where you’re supposed to be.  I moved all the way across the country with hardly any money and no friends.  That in itself is more than most people do so… “Own what you have done!”

-“Being an actor is extremely self absorbed.”  Now she wasn’t saying that we are all self absorbed and selfish people.  What she meant is that the focus is always on you.  What you look like, what they (agents, public, casting directors etc.) think of you, blah, blah, blah, me, me, me!!  SO…find something that you are interested in that can take the focus off of you and put on something or someone else.  She joined an organization that resued kittens.  When she did this, it really helped her find a focus and it took her out of herself.

-“Purchase the book “The Artist’s Way.”   And so i did….I’ll keep you posted.

-“Do not stop your life for acting because then you will have nothing to draw from.”  This sounds pretty simple but i find it can be really hard.  Basically she was just saying don’t put those “rights of passage”  in your life to the side because you have an audition.  BUT do not ever treat audtions as frivalous…they are important too.  Finding a balance is the key.

-“Nerves, much like fat cells, never really go away, they just get smaller.”  Take what you will from this, but for me it means my nerves are a part of me, i am normal for having them, and they arent going anywhere.  I must, for the sake of my career, learn to use them for my success and not to my demise 

Well i am off to scour Craigslist for another job, because although just being in L.A. is enough for me right now…It won’t pay the rent!  Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!



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2 responses to “When it’s grey in LA…

  1. Jen P.

    What fun! I have lost the ability to keep up with blogs – I’m just too old.

    Glad I could see this – and I’m going to hold you to our deal about the kids choice awards!

  2. pete moffatt

    I wholeheartedly agree on this one, yo. Keep up the good work in there, and hopefully (if the money still flows) I’ll see you there over the summer!
    Maybe then I won’t be stuck on a freeway with nowhere to go. 🙂
    Break a leg, Leanne!

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