Hello, hello, happy hump day!  This morning i walked to Starbucks with a “feeling a little better” Bella boo and picked up a copy of the Hollywood Reporter and Movie Maker magazine from the local newsstand.  I have made a vow to do something every single day towards my career and, since i am working today, that is my thing of the day.  I also recieved “The Artist’s Way” in the mail yesterday (from the nicest mailman ever, Neil)  and started it last night.  It’s broken down into weeks so it’s a pretty easy read.  The work comes from doing the excersices that are designed to awaken your creative mind. 

 I recieved an email today from a friend who is also an agent, that said she would begin submitting my headshots for castings.  It is both exciting, and nerve racking knowing that it is all starting to come together.  Pressure and release at the same time…if that is possible. 

Doing something daily for your career also includes taking care of your body,which for an actor is our instrument, so until Bella is well enough again to go hiking at Runyan  i will be entering a yoga class.  A studio not far from my house gives new students a two week unlimited pass for only $25, and i this town, that is cheap!  So i will start tomorrow, given that next week is not my week to work all 5 days, and we will see how it goes.  Since you have to use the 14 days consecutively, i want to make sure and start it when i have time, both to attend class and recover from it.  If you have never taken up yoga let me say, when you first start your body is really sore.  I also deal with chronic back pain.  Now i am thankful that i can go on with my life and it isnt debilitating, but i hurt on a daily basis so the transition from no excercise to two weeks of yoga will be hard on my body.  The positive effects of yoga on my body as well as my mind, far outweigh a few weeks of discomfort.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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