Busy week…

but no work. 

It is a very unnerving feeling.  I had some pretty steady babysitting work that has now trickled off.  I have applied to a babysitting website called Sittercity.  It is actually really great.  Families create profiles, as do sitters, and then they match you up and you find jobs.  They can be regular or sporatic.  It works really well for me for picking up extra work.  There is also petsitting, housesitting, and senior care jobs available too.  I’m not sure if its an LA only thing, but if you like babysitting or just want some extra money, i highly recommened it!  Finding a job that you can balance with the pursuit of an acting career is really an artform.  You have to make at least $12 an hour to be able to pay bills, but have no life, and you really need your days free and at least one night for an acting class.  So, that leaves about 30 available hours, if you want at least one day off to breathe, to work at some job you hate that is in no way furthering your career or your brain.  My master plan is to do some extra work 1-2 days a week and combine that income with steady two-three days babysitting a week.  It allows for free time to go to auditions and i can make enough money to pay bills and have a free day once a week to myself.  LA has alot to offer.  Everyone should have at least that to explore the city.

I went to an audition on Tuesday.  It was advertised as a non-union commercial for a place called Breathe Wellness Center.  Im not sure if there really was a commercial that we were auditioning for, or if the casting director agreed to hold the audition in exchange for free advertisement for his workshop.  Kind of awkward but truly, i did not care.  I went on an audition.  In one day i created my resume, went to kinkos, got some temporary headshots printed, went home, took a shower, drove to an audition, made it on time, and didn’t walk out when i got that sick feeling of nervousness in my stomach.  This may seem like a no brainer to you.  You think, “well yeah, you are in LA, you want to be an actor…so you went to an audition, isn’t that what you are supposed to be doing?”  The answer is yes, that is what i am supposed to be doing, but it is so much easier said than done.  So i went, i got over the hurdle, now hopefully i will make it a habit 🙂 

Babysitting this weekend and going to a meeting for a theatre called Sacred Fools, that Jenna recommended.  Have a great weekend lovelies!!


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  1. Thanks for writing about us! I’m thrilled that you have found a place to look for extra babysitting jobs. I’m a sitter on the site too. I sit for over 15 families!
    We are nationwide (based in Chicago, actually).

    break a leg at your next audition!

    Let me know if you have any feedback about the site. 🙂


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