The best what??

So i am up late last night just scanning through the hundreds of channels that exist on satellite t.v. and i come across something that not only have i never heard of, but that i absolutely could not stop watching!  The Best Damn YoYo Championship Ever.  Thats right…yoyoing, for sport.  With tricks like “arm grinds” and “guillotines” who wouldn’t be wildly entertained?  Not only is this a sport that has divisions and competes on live television for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it also is represented by most major countries in the world.  Last night in the finals Germany, Italy, Japan, China, The United States, Mexico, and Brazil were all present!  I am absolutely blown away at how  i didn’t know anything about this until my 25th year of life.  What could be so engaging about teenagers playing with custom made yoyo’s that cost anywhere from $25 to $200 bucks?  Feast your eyes upon this… this is the guy who won the division 1 contest.  It only gets more complicated than this folks!


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