Good Day

As opposed to yesterday which was a bad day!  I went to sign up for central casting and forgot cash.  I very nice young gentleman by the name of Mike helped me out and i told him to follow me to the bank afterwards, i had a paycheck i was going to cash.  So we haul our cookies across town to the Wachovia and when i go to cash the check they say they are unable to do so because it is postdated.  Now i know this was a mistake, but nevertheless, i am getting no cash today.   So i had to call my dad and ask him to put money into my already overdrawn account so that i can pay back this nice man who loaned me $25.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it is just the tip of the iceberg.  Times are hard, i get it.  I have been searching, really…searching, for a job for about three weeks now, and although i am able to pick up some random babysitting, nothing solid has come through.  I signed up with central in order to do some extra work and pick up “extra” money.  I also had to go back to Urban Outfitters and try to get rehired.  Now nothng against the company, as retailers go it’s the best ive worked for, but they don’t pay well and taking a pay cut of almost $7 an hour is no one’s idea of fun!  It is a very frustrating feeling not working and having to ask your parents for money…especially at 25 years old.  It’s getting old, and i know they can feel it, i do too.  Honestly, if i had one wish right now, it would be financial freedom from my parents.  Not a new car or a trip around the world, just a steady paycheck so that i wouldn’t have to feel guilty every time i call, even it is to just say “hi.”

Today, however, was a better day.  A few weeks ago i submitted myself for a play, and yesterday evening i was called back for the leading role.  I went to the audition this morning, nervous but confident in my talent, and did the best i could.  It went well i think, but at this stage i am just proud that i showed up and didn’t run scared.  After that, I went to an open call at Central Casting for a new movie by the director of “The Holiday” and “Something’s Gotta Give.”  While in line, one of the Central Casting directors gave me a card and asked me if i could work tomorrow, then went off to see about something specific that he thought i might be good for.  No word yet on that, but i will of course keep you posted.  The one bad thing that happened today was that i got a parking ticket, $58 from someone who barely has $100 right now.  I hope the city of Los Angeles is proud of itself!

Oh well, I guess we have to take the good with the bad.  Off to the theatre tonight to support some fellow Birminghamians.  Good Night!


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