Well My Goodness…

it has been a busy couple of weeks!

I have had some requests to blog about what is going on in my life recently so here it is.  I swear i wanted to blog the first day things started to happen, but oh how that ball rolls once it gets going!  So, I signed up with an agency in L.A. called Central Casting.  Basically, they get the actors for background, otherwise known as extras, and put them on t.v. shows and film sets.  It doesn’t pay amazing but I see it as a learning experience and a way to build relationships with casting directors and crew members.  Many people that i mentioned this idea to turned their noses up at it and said “don’t waste your time doing extra work!”  I whole-heartedly disagree with this!  For anyone who wants to be an actor and is reading this, “extra” work is a great idea.  On my first day an A.D. said to me…”don’t downgrade this work by calling it extra work.  You guys are background actors and are just as important to the scene as the principals.  You create the ‘life’ of the scene.”  So from here on out i will refer proudly to my job as background actor…for now.  If you want to be an actor this is no place to stay for too long.  Once you feel you have learned as much as you can learn, move on. 

On my first job i worked on a new pilot starring Portia Di Rossi called “Better Off Ted.”  It will air on Wednesday night on ABC at 8:30/7:30 central.  I may or may not be on there but if enough people watch, then the network will bring the show back, and I will have regular work!  So do it for me!  Tivo it if you don’t like it, then we will get the points and you don’t have to watch…everyone wins!

The next thing i did was a new show called “Lily,” which is a spin off of Gossip Girl starring Brittany Snow.  I was in this club in 1983 so i got great, huge hair and pink eyeshadow. We had to dance and mingle in a club all while No Doubt played on stage as an unknown 80’s band.  Yup…that No Doubt.  And can i just say, Gwen Stefani is absolutely beautiful up close!  Look for this episode May 11th on the CW network.

Friday i worked on a show for Nick Jr. called the JumpArounds.  It was my first AFTRA show so now i am on my way to becoming part of the AFTRA union.  It will allow me more opportunities and better pay, but after i pay the $1300 in dues.  Think of it as an investment.  At some point you have to join the Unions to further your career so better now then later.  And i got to ride a Ferris Wheel for two hours and the food was GREAT!!

I was sopposed to work a show called “Glee” today but the call was cancelled so i am not working and i am cleaning out my car.  It is so bad, and i feel like the disorganization of my life is a direct result of the disorganization of my car.  Those of you with untidy cars know what im saying.



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3 responses to “Well My Goodness…

  1. I’ve been looking forward to Glee for some time now. Would be super cool if you got to work on it. And I’ll tune in for Better Off Ted. Big Portia fan.

  2. Will

    love it. definitely cleaning out the car is a good idea. i hear really nice guys will even do it for you sometimes. keep it up. i love bragging about you 😉

  3. Woah! You wrote this forever ago and my blog subscription thing never updated me on it. That is all so cool…I’ve been seeing the previews for Better off Ted forever when we watch Lost. I hope it stays on so I can see you on TV! And I’ll be sure to watch May 11. That’s so great, LeeAnne…I am so glad you are having steady FUN work!

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