la nights

I haven’t had a chance to update on the job because i am literally dead when i get home and up the next morning too early to type anything coherent. But thanks to some excedrin too late in the evening, i am just bursting with energy at 11:30, sitting on the porch feeling the cool night breeze, and doing a little spiritual healing to Griffin House.
Job’s going well, really exciting and i am learning alot. I have been warned about talking too much but other than that, i haven’t fucked up too badly. Mary Louise is nice and talks to me from time to time and that is seriously all that i can ask for. The entire cast is so talented and down to earth, and i learn alot about acting technique just from watching them work everyday. I talk to the writers and producers too, to better understand every aspect of this industry and have picked up a few choice technical terms in the world of lighting. The paychecks aren’t half bad either!  I am SAG now, so that should help push the process of finding and agent and going out on auditions a bit further. I am really beginining to feel like i am establishing a life here. I new one, that is mine and no one else’s. I make decisions based on my needs and wants and not that of others.  It is an empowering feeling i have to say. The only downside to working such long hours is that i don’t have time to take any classes or really go on auditions. I have been sent out on one for Johnson and Johnson but other than that i am expected to be at work and available, although i have wonderful people there who want me to succeed and therefore will let me go on the occasional audition if i ask. I do feel the slightest bit like i don’t have a life. Going out isn’t really in my vocabulary and being young, i feel that it should be. Not to go out and get wasted, but to just get out of the house and be social. I guess that will come later…nothing worth having ever came easy, right? Or so they say…time will tell.


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