Rare day off

So i am off work today because Mary Louise isn’t working and i am getting some much needed reading and writing done.  I have ordered some books off Amazon because i am about to finish Wicked and need new reading material.  I also walked to a cafe nearby this morning to enjoy crepes, cappucino, and Movie Maker and i stumbled upon a fantastic interview with actor James Cromwell.  In it he said something so beautiful i thought i would share it with you…

“As an actor, I’ve had this experience of sitting offstage waiting to go onstage.  There is a line on the floor:  On one side of the line it is dark, it is offstage, and on the other side of the line it is lit, it is bright.  And in that lit space, in your line of sight, there is a conversation going on.  There’s an audience.  There are observers of this conversation which you are about to have with some cost, some effort and some energy.  And you will never know how it is really perceived by the people in the dark, beyond that lit space.  I think of that as a metaphor:  We are in a womb and we make our entrance onto a stage, into a play we may have played many times before and we assume a character. which we think is us.  The idea is to so inhabit it that it becomes us and we have this conversation, which is a play–it is a fiction.  There is a real event in the darkness that exists and there are watchers.  There are the generations, there are the gods, there are the others who watch and listen and make we know not what of all we do.  So all we have is that moment in the light and what you do with it–how you inform it, how you enjoy it, how you expand it and how you live it.  Then you’re off into the darkness once again.  You disappear.  The lights go down.  It’s over.  Whatever is beyond is unknown and will always remain unknown.”


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