That $61 coffee sure was good!

So, on my way to my training appointment today, i stopped to get a coffee.  I parked, read the signs, checked the meter (26 minutes remaining) and proceeded to go inside.  When i come out, the meter maid (who was actually a man) was finishing up my ticket.  I asked why and he says, as he runs away, “if you read the signs it clearly states that there is street cleaning until 10.”  The time: 9:56.  I contemplate following him, cutting him off in traffic, and causing an accident that is his fault that would inevitably cause his dismissal from this horrible job of his; but instead i cry in my car over my cappucino, suck it up, and go work out.  The thing is, he actually was sitting there when i pulled up, watching me cover all my bases, and then watched me walk inside without saying a word.  These are the moments when i hope Karma is real, and a real bitch. 

I made cookies today and hiked at sunset to cure my sadness over this…the most expensive coffee i have ever, and hopefully WILL ever, purchase in my life.


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One response to “That $61 coffee sure was good!

  1. 😦

    Good way to handle it, though!!!!!

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