Fear of Flying…or Something Like it.

It’s been a week since i last posted with not much to tell.  We had a week off work and i wasn’t able to pick up any work, so i am a bit under the weather in a financial way.  I’ll pull it out this month, but it will be close.  I realize now i should have been saving more money, but it is hard when you haven’t been able to go out and do anything fun for almost a year, and now suddenly you can.  The temptation is overwhelming!  I have learned my lesson…be more frugal in my finances.  Think of the future. 

Last week we had a blood drive at work.  I premise this with the fact that i am terrified of needles.  Like, my mom used to have to chase me around doctors offices when i went to have shots, and when i got to college and found out i needed a shot, i worked really hard to prove i was a part of the Christian Science church to get out of it.   With a letter, under perjury of law, you can get out of it on religious grounds.  Ultimately, i decided the legal ramifications weren’t worth it, and in the end didn’t need the shot anyway.   So, back to last week.  I have tried to give blood before, but ended up crying my eyes out on the table and was turned down because the nurses said “it looked involuntary.”  So the day it was announced i get this overwhelming urge to do it.  I have to.  I have to overcome this fear.  I march right down, tears in my eyes, fill out my paperwork, go and eat lunch (because they made me) and return to finally overcome this lifelong fear.   So did i do it?


Yes I did!!!  Tears rolling down my cheeks the whole time, but this time they didn’t turn me away.  I was so proud of myself.  It felt amazing.  So, the moral of the story is…conquer your fears.  I will probably give blood again, even though it will take a few more times to get the overwhelming need to rip it out of my arm and run screaming the opposite direction out, but i did it and would do it again.  Hey, i saved three lives with that blood and that feels pretty darn good!

Next up…improv.  This conquering fears thing, could really get me somewhere.


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  1. Yeay!!!! So, the question is, what sounds scarier to you…an epidural needle or having a baby without one? I almost can’t decide…

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