a wasted weekend

it’s Sunday morning and I’m still recovering.  I simply cannot go out like i used to.  It’s just a fact, no use denying it.  Why is it that you have to go out to meet people in L.A., but if you go out (and obviously can’t handle it) you end up in over your head and recovering all weekend, wasting beautiful days that you could be hiking in?  I suppose you don’t have to get in over your head, but it’s fun..in the moment, and being responsible can get annoying sometimes.  To myself, not others.  I guess that was my one night of the year, you know, to just stay up all night and get it all out.  Now ill go back to being myself…going to movies, coffee, dinner, and the farmer’s market.  The things i actually enjoy doing. 

The best moment on Friday was by far when i walked into this bar and the d.j. was playing nothing but Micheal Jackson.  After forced minutes of dancing, i sat (my feet were killing me) and just watched everyone.  Having a great time dancing their hearts out and singing in unison to his music.  This is what he would have wanted.  Whatever your thoughts on him, his career, or his personal life, you cannot deny that he was an incredibly talented, and misunderstood individual.  He transcended international borders, race, sex and any other line people put between themselves for whatever reason.  He will be greatly missed.


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