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Well hello!  I am on the 4th day of the artist’s way and feeling pretty darn good.  Everyday, you are supposed to start the day with a free flow write for 3 pages.  You don’t read it after you write it, you just close the notebook and leave the words on the page, never to be read again.  The purpose of this is to get your mind going for the day.  You can write a story, vent, write the same thing over and over again, whatever you want.  There is no right or wrong, you just need to get whatever it is that is in your mind out, and onto that page.   I am happy to report i have only missed 1 morning this week of my morning pages.  I notice subtle things going on in my mind.  I am becoming aware of how much i focus on the flaws of my body.  I have known for a long time that i have body issues, and i would argue that to some extent, all women do.  But enough is enough.  I have thought of remedying these “issues” with plastic surgery and can’t say the idea is totally out of my head.  But for now, i can’t afford it.  Which is sort of a blessing in desguise.  I need to learn to love my body TODAY.  Hopefully, that will turn into loving it all week.  Which will in turn become all year, and hopefully if i am ever financially able to afford sed surgeries, i will be so comfortable in my own skin that i will opt not to.  To be clear, i am in no way against plastic surgery, and when it comes to the subject i would never say never, and never have 🙂  But, instead of daydreaming all day about what surgeon i would go to, or how long it would take me to earn the money, i would rather take all that energy and put it towards loving myself now.  A great thing that has been helping me with this is yoga.  When you practice yoga, all you have is your own strength, and all you can do is concentrate on building this within your body and spirit.  It is quite empowering.  You should try it. 

I have set up some casting workshops for myself that will take place in August and September and my next goal is to sign up for that improv workshop at the Upright Citizens Brigade.  It is $350 and at the moment i can’t afford that, but i will be able to soon enough.  Just gotta get back to work!  All this stuff is an investment for sure and each time i hand over my debit card, i have a small anxiety attack. (i get that from my father)  But i know that not only is it tax deductible, but it is necessary in the development of Lee Anne Inc. 

Tonight I’m off to the Hollywood Bowl for Classical music and cheap wine!  More rest and relaxation is to come over the weekend, which i must say is well deserved.  Everyone have a happy Friday!


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