Life goes on.

It’s been an eventful last few weeks.  I was broke, couldn’t find any work, and about to take the trip home to have a little money saving and family time when i got the call.  I had an interview to stand in on Scrubs full time.  Now i know i said that i didn’t want to stand in anymore but, desperate times call for desperate measures.  To make a long story short, i was offered the job and accepted, and let me tell you i am so glad that i did.  The vibe on this set is so much different than that of Weeds.  Less stress, that is all i will say.  And watching the actors work and play is fantastic.  I have liked the movies that Zach Braff has put out in the past, but never really regarded his acting as something of note.  Now that i have seen him work on set i can definately say that he is a stellar performer.  As are all the actors on the show.  Every take is new and different, and they all have an amazing talent for improv and playing off of each other.  Like my experience on Weeds, i hope that i am learning and taking away something that will improve my own acting abilites. 

In other news, i went through my first workshop at Act Now, the “networking studio” that i had mentioned in a previous blog.  I am very happy with my decision to invest in classes here.  I feel like i have learned so far, and can only learn more as i take on different workshops.  The one i am currently taking on Saturday mornings is with a casting director named Wayne Morse.  He is blunt and very supportive of actors and what they are trying to do, and i respect and appreciate that greatly.  The office he works out of casts only feature films and they are currently casting for The Strangers 2.  Past credits include Training Day and Requiem for a Dream….the latter being why i signed up for this workshop to begin with.  He gives us sides and then emails us the entire script within the week so that we can put the sides into context.  Then when we come to class, he sets up blocks of 20 minute intervals to give us one on one feedback.  I love this structure because it is exactly how you would audition and for me it takes the pressure off because there aren’t 20 something students watching you too, its just you and the casting director. 

I couldn’t think of a good way to transition this so i am just going to say it.  Getting older sucks.  Not the responsiblity part, or the slow creep of wrinkles into the corners of my eyes.  I’m talking about watching the ones you love in your family get older and succumb to the rapid succession of aging, and all that it can do to the body.  My grandmother can’t remember alot of things anymore, and she can’t do the one thing that she loves most in the world…spend hours in the kitchen cooking.  She doubles up on ingredients or forgets something here or there and in one quick swoop, age has taken her most prized possesions.  The things that no one else can make like she can…pound cake, buscuits, eggs, caramel cake, cornbread, green bean casserole, any casserole for that matter…and countless other recipes that i may never taste again.  And on top of that, i am thousands of miles away, and missing out on precious memories everyday.  How do you live your own life as an adult, but still remain present in the lives of those you love as you once did as a child?  Part of me feels it is impossible…but i guess that is growing up.  Letting go of childish things.


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