Dr. Kim

I visited Dr. Kim yesterday, an accupuncturist in Beverly Hills.  We discussed why i was there and my medical history and then he checked my pulse in various places on my hands and wrists for a good long while.  We did this test where you hold an object, a kind of food, vitamin, or herb, in one hand and then put your thumb to your first two fingers of the other hand and hold tight.  He will try to pry your fingers apart.  If the object is positive for you, then you will be strong and he cannot pull them apart.  The opposite will happen if the object is negative for you.  It was the weirdest sensation going from super strong one second when i held something like yogurt or beef, to literally not able to hold my fingers together the next second when in possesion of red beans or chocolate.  This whole philosophy is based on the fact that everyone is made up differently, he calls this different constitutions, and that food has a different effect on different people.  Therefore, what may be a power food for me, could inevitably make another person very weak or sick.  It is super interesting and although i didnt know anything about constitution medicine, i have always believed that illness can be treated or avoided by changing diet.  After this he did some acupuncture on me for my allergies.  It wasn’t the kind you see in movies where you are lying on the table with these long needles sticking out of your body.  He had a little thing very simalar to that stick that diabetics use to take their blood sugar.  The needle just went in and out about fifteen times in each spot.  Quick and painless, i didn’t really feel a thing.  After this was all finished, he gave me a few more things that i cannot eat ,that is if i want to get rid of my allergies and break-outs.  Among them were two of my favorite things, beer and coffee, and the list went on to include pork, shellfish, red beans, egg whites (although baked things with egg in it are ok, thank God), kombucha, melon, and berries.  He did say that it could get longer as we go on and see how i feel, or some of the items could go back on the good list too.  It all depends on how i feel.  So, i do not take this as fact yet.  I am going to try it and see how it goes.  If my belly goes away, my skin clears up, and i can breathe again…I’ll definately become a believer.  For now, i’ll stick to Maker’s Mark and wine.  At least he didn’t take away my beloved cheese 🙂


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