Night In

Overall i’d say this hiatus was pretty successful.  Some rest and relaxation and a much needed trip to Disneyland and out of town for the day.  The only downside to Disney is that they were decorating for Halloween and two of my favorite rides were closed: Space Mountain and The Haunted Mansion.  But we got to ride Indiana Jones multiple times so that made it all better.  Then yesterday i went up to a little winery south of Santa Barbara and did some wine tasting with my dear friend Channing, who is about to have a baby, so for her it was more like wine spitting.  It was so nice to get out of LA and drive up the PCH just gabbing about babies and girl stuff.  I bought some wine and we ate at a little seafood place across the street from the tasting room.   I hope to make this getting out of town stuff a regular weekend thing.

Am i an odd or really old 26 year old if id rather stay home and watch movies on a Saturday night, than go out and paint the town red?  Either way, here i am spending my evening with Georgia O’keeffe and the cast of Mad Men…happy as a clam.


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