I can smell my dog again

I love the way my dog smells, especially her ears.  But since june, until this past Monday morning, i haven’t been able to smell her.  Not only that but i haven’t been able to breathe out of my nose and have been sneezing non-stop!  I went to an acupuncturist last week known as Dr. Kim (see previous posts) and after the first session i really couldn’t tell a difference.  But this time…it was a miracle.  He did more than twice as much as he did last time and i left his office still stuffy and feeling weary.  I am all for investing in my health in positive ways over popping loads of Claritin, but this was becoming expensive!  Then, it happened.  I got a full nights sleep.  No tossing, turning, weezing, or sneezing.  In the morning, i awoke to full passage of air through BOTH nostrils.  Now here we are on Tuesday night, still going strong.  I am so happy i can’t even begin to describe to you how much.

On a totally unrelated note…well, now that i think about it, it actually is related in that this too makes me very happy…you should all watch GLEE on FOX tomorrow night.  Not only is it the episode that i believe i am appearing in, BUT it is an incredibly entertaining, heartwarming, hilarious show.  Also, someone i work with recently turned me on to a new band.  Bon Iver.  I will attempt to describe how i felt when i put it into the c.d. player for the drive home from work.  I was literally entranced.  It was a spiritual experience, riding down the freeway, staring into the bright glow of the red lights in front of me.  I did’nt even care that it was taking longer than usual to get home, i was actually thankful.  Me.  Riding in my little church on four wheels down the 405.  Blissfully happy, (and yes there were tears) stuck in rush hour traffic, and totally unphased.


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