Let’s hear it for New York

I just spent four fabulous days in the big apple visiting friends and enjoying fantastic food.  Sunday i got in around 9:30am to my friend’s apartment, let myself in, and slept till he got in from being out of town at a wedding.  We spent the entire afternoon just sipping coffee with his roommate enjoying the fall air breezing through the open windows.  Later, we walked to a pizza place and had some of the finest pizza i’ve ever had, and of course, beer.  We took a walk around SoHo and his neighborhood, the east village, and called it a night after sharing a late night glass of wine over a delectable ham and brie sandwich.  The next morning we walked down to 5th avenue and ran into a Columbus Day parade.  We met some friends at the NBC studios and took a private tour of the Saturday Night Live studios.  After a much deserved nap in the late afternoon, we walked to a restaurant called Frankies and experienced yet another fantabulous meal.  We shared a carafe of wine, gourmet cheese plate with walnuts, honey, and the greenest, most heavenly olive oil i have ever tasted.  I had the sweet potato and sage ravioli and Adam had meatballs stuffed with pine nuts and raisins.  For dessert we shared red wine prunes over marscapone cheese.  All in the fantastic atmosphere with beautiful lighting, looking out into the busy streets of New York at night.  We topped the evening off by watching Woody Allen movies till we fell asleep.  During the days i explored the Natural History Museum, The High Line, the Chelsea Market, and got lost around NYU.  On the final night, Adam and i went to dinner with our friend Logan Lin in China Town and had Peking Duck and Tsingtao.  It was a truly magical trip, for many reasons.  I think im going to have to make this a regular thing 🙂


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  1. I’ll promise to start blogging again if you promise to post pictures one of these days!!!!!!

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