Totally X-treme Weekend

Ok, so i am constantly annoyed by the misuse and overuse of this term “Xtreme” on products and countless other things these days, but in the case of the Six Flags ride “X2″…it is absolutely appropriate.  I rode this ride while i was at six flags this weekend with Alex and Siobhan, who were visiting from Birmingham.  It is a roller coaster, but to quote one of my favorite movies of all time, this was “a horse of a different color!”  You climb a hill in an individual seat that can rotate 360 degrees, plunge to the ground in a completely straight line, and even have fire shot at you while looping and spinning through the air.  It was single-handedly the most exhilarating thing i have ever experienced and 100% worth the two and a half hour wait we had to endure in the sun while watching extreme sport videos.  Other amazing attractions included The Riddler, Batman, ever classic non-looping Goliath, and Katsu…you know, the one where you are facing your impending death of plunging to the ground the entire ride because you are literally hanging parallel with the ground.  It was terrifying, but oh so fun!  And if all this weren’t enough, we finished the night out with the best Mexican food i have had in L.A. so far and margaritas at Don Cuco’s.

Today i woke up to heavy fog till about 10am, which was heavenly because it kept the temperature down long enough for me to pretend like it was fall.   I pulled recipes from Martha Stewart and caught up on laundry and cleaning, then cooked eggs with biscuits and gravy with some friends at 4:30 in the afternoon.  Now, Corpse Bride is on t.v. followed by Edward Scissorhands…i mean could you write a better afternoon?  I think not!


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