Well, here it is…Halloween, again.  I am at home on a crisp morning with Bella, chocolate croissants, and coffee.  It isn’t the same this year.  Halloween was the best when i was in Nashville with old, good friends frolicking in graveyards, drinking vampire merlot, and carving pumpkins to “Nightmare Before Christmas.”  This year, i am less excited.  Could it be i am growing older and the spell Halloween has always cast on me is losing it’s power?  Or do i just miss my old life, old friends, and old haunts?  Growing up is hard.  Living in a city you have yet to connect with is hard.  Missing those you love at a time that you have always held so dear, is even harder.  I wish i had all the money in the world.  Not because i think it will bring happiness, but so that i could jump on a flight whenever i wanted and see the people and places i miss so much.  Why is it that i am never content right where i am?  Is it the nature of your 20’s, or is it because i have made a series of wrong decisions that i should now make an effort to change? 

I will probably spend my day at the free SAG theatre or hanging with my friend Channing who just had a baby.  She needs a friend right now and maybe a hand with laundry.  I hope everyone has a fantastic Halloween and that you are spending it with great friends.  Happy trick-or-treating!


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