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enough is enough

Okay, even though i have many opinions about politics and social issues, i tend to keep them to myself on this blog because it is reserved primarily for updating my family and friends about my life in Los Angeles.  Because we tend to differ on almost every issue that could ever be discussed, i keep those issues out of here with respect to them, whether they are reading this blog or not.  But I have something to say.  Now, because it involves the president, some would see this as a political piece, but i see it as a humanity piece.  It has come to my attention that there is a group of extreme, right wing, “Christian” people that have started a movement against the president of this country using biblical language that basically calls for his death.  I will quote exact scripture: “Let his years be few, let his position be given to someone else.”  Sounds harmless.  This verse is immediately followed by Psalm 109:8 which reads “May his children become fatherless, and may his wife become a widow.”  The first part, Psalm 109:8, has been splashed across bumperstickers, t-shirts, aprons, and even teddy bears preceeded with the statements “Prayer for Obama” or “Pray for Obama.”  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this verse has been completely taken out of context, and is being used in a simalar fashion to those that quote the koran completely out of context when they are calling for radical jihadist death to westerners. 

I was raised Christian, and not this radical version of Christianty.  Although i do not call myself a Christian today, I am both outraged and embarrassed by this deliberate display of ignorance and hostility by those who claim to know God and love others.  My father always asks “if Islam is a peaceful religion, and the ones who are calling for death to Christians are just extremists, then where are the peaceful Muslims, and why aren’t they denouncing this behavior and defending their religion?”  Well i am asking the same thing of Christians and this behavior.  Im not sure how long this movement has been going on, but this is the first i have heard of it.  Maybe no one cares, and they just see these people as crazies and harmless.  Or maybe it’s a new story, and no one has had the chance to respond yet.  Lets hope its the latter.  No matter what your political leaning, you should be outraged by this.  All it takes is one “crazy” to take this call to “God” as they see it, and turn it into what they think is their life mission. 

I support Obama politically.  There are, of course, some things he has done or is doing that i may not agree with, or he may not be doing everything i thought he was going to do the way i think he should be doing it.  But he is our president and in this country, to my understanding, we should support him.  We lift him up and give him support because he is our leader and he needs that from us.  It doesn’t mean we don’t dissent if we disagree, but we should not actively hope that he will fail, because that would in turn mean the failure of this country.  It seriously makes me sick what is going on, from these ridiculous parents protesting a visit to their childs school by the nations president; to this blatant call to violence by those who would call themselves Christians.  I may not be one, but i know great Christians who would not stand for this, no matter who the president is.  For God sakes, speak up!   

And don’t worry, i’ll be back to my boring daily life next time, i promise 🙂



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Daylight savings time has really fucked with my head today.  This day seems to be going on forever, which i should be thankful for because it is a Sunday, but somehow…i am not.

While doing laundry today i realized something, I have gotten really good at folding sheets by myself.

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