good intentions

I think that most of us have good intentions when it comes to recycling.  We recycle in my house, as do many American households, but I still drink out of plastic bottles way too much and don’t really give much thought to anything else that might be wasteful in my daily life.  If I bring the subject up to those I love, it is met with resistance.  They see me as an elitist, too liberal, or hypocritical .  Why is this?  Why can’t I, a person who has good intentions but isn’t perfect and still wastes things on a daily basis, bring up the conversation and have a healthy debate on the subject.  Why don’t people want to better themselves and the planet?  And why are those who choose to do so, or just educate themselves on these subjects, met with so much opposition and seen as elitist or “liberal?”  I am watching a documentary on Sundance this morning called Addicted to Plastic.  It is informative and not in a finger-pointing, blaming kind of way as some documentaries can be.  All it is advocating is that we rethink our relatonship to plastic and think outside the box in terms of all that we can do with the plastic that we already have.  It also unveiled things I didn’t know about the ineffectiveness of our recycling system.  Being aware of the things that you waste on a daily basis is difficult and requires work.  But even the smallest change you make in your life can lead to bigger changes.  Everything in baby steps.  For my friends on Tennessee, there is this great company called WastAway who patented a new way to recycle, without sorting, that is being used around the world. 

It’s a beautiful Sunday and i think the rain is gone.  Bella and i are going on a hike and then i am going to pick up some local honey at the farmers market to make a homemade balsalmic vinaigrette.  Enjoy the day.


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