What to do?

It’s an Earl Grey kinda sunday…but jazzed up with a little agave and lemon.  I want to get out of the house, but can’t decide which route to take.  Hiking at Runyan?  Farmers market Santa Monica?  Farmer’s market close by?  Or should i just go and stick my little tosies in the Pacific and enjoy the sunshine?  I have sat here, all morning, reading this, and i can barely pull my ass out of my new desk chair!  I can’t wait to meet this girl and drink some wine with her on Valentines Day, when she and two of her delightful foodie friends will throw a dinner party, which i promptly RSVP’d to.  Oh my goodness I can’t wait!

I baked a chocolate pie yesterday…the meringue could have been a tad bit higher, but overall it was delicious!  Next time i will make my own crust.  I had a pie shell in the freezer and i wanted to use it up.  I took it out of the freezer to thaw t for ten minutes and began casually reading the label, as i have been known to do.  To my dismay I discovered that frozen pie shells are nothing but 100% HYDROGENATED OIL!!  Sick!  I was already using it and i lacked the tools to roll out my own pie crust, but never again will i eat a frozen pie shell.  Plus, it isn’t that hard to make your own crust and it only takes three ingredients or so.  To do # 29…buy rolling pin.

On a totally unrelated note…i would like to start a business.  Or do something to make more money.  I would like it to be related to food and maybe travel.  Anyone got any ideas?


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