On that note

I am adding another thing to my daily routine.  Do something everyday that is for your career.  Today’s activity was a Taxes and Investment seminar at the SAG foundation.  While a lot of it went right over my head, I did absorb a few words of advice.  The three men that were on the panel all agreed that to follow a dream of being an actor takes perseverance and planning.  You have to plan for your financial future, no matter how much money you are making or how unpredictable your income may be.  Make an effort to resist this consumer driven world we live in and SAVE a little each month.  Treat your career as a business.  Oh yes, and open an account at the Actor/SAG credit union, which will be among the things I do tomorrow for my career.  Whatever your career is, I hope that you did something for it today.  And if you didn’t, there is always tomorrow.  Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around.


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