Belated V-day coverage

Alright, alright, i apologize for not coming to you sooner with the story of my Valetine’s Day dinner, but now I am here and ready to tell all!  So the night begins with finding the address and parking, walking up to a door you have never walked up to before, and knocking.  A small door inside the door opens, and an anonymous voice says “password please.”  I am prepared, thanks to the email I recieved mere hours before containing the address in Silverlake and the password: “Blanche.”  The door opens to reveal a delightful man dressed in the  most darling plaid shirt, bow tie, and wingtips.  He checks to make sure my name is on the list, takes my money, and gives me a menu for the evening.  The room is filled with people already munching on the appetizers and brown sugar spiced nuts.  There is a fun, Valentine’s themed get-to-know-you game of cards stuck to the mirror over the fireplace.  The bathtub is filled with waterbottles and root beer, and inside the medicine cabinet, (covered by a mirror that read “eat me” in red lipstick) were homemade, chocolate meringue candies all individually hand wrapped in the cutest paper.  Our chef for the evening is Rachel Humphrey, one of the lovely ladies of On The Lamb Food and Beverage.  First up, tequila chicken and bean flautas with sweet pea guacamole and papadum with radish avocado salad.  The delightful Whitney Adams, our sommelier for the evening, originally from Kentucky I might add, pairs the flautas with a refreshing beer cocktail that she named the Aloha Rubia.  This consisted of Fisher Blonde, fresh pineapple juice, and was garnished with a chili dried pineapple.  Rachel’s next creation was my favorite of the evening, bourbon braised pork and boar sliders with a homemade quick pickles on a brioche bun.  She braised this meat for something like 19 hours and it was so perfect!  Homemade root vegetable chips with parsley and grana padano, a crumbly italian cheese simalar to parmesan were the perfect crunchy companion.  Rachel paired this classic, semi-southern delight with one of the most amazing cocktails I have ever tasted.  She began with reposado tequila and added lapsong souchong tea, and a homemade agave-orange sour mix.  The strong, smoky flavors of the tea tasted like a campfire in my mouth and the sweetness of the sour mix really helped to balance it out and give it a ton of complexity, much like a wine. From sip, to swallow, to the breath directly following; the flavours were indescribable.  Rachel appropriately named this creation the Paco Palmer, a nod to the southern style tea and lemonade drink entitled the Arnold Palmer.  The third pairing of the evening was provided by Joy Wilson, the sweet side of On The Lamb.  She finished the meal off with cherry bourbon ice cream and banana ice cream with homemade hot fudge, topped with candied pecans and whipped cream.  The two flavors of ice cream went together surprisingly well, and the hot fudge was thick and creamy like i should be.  Once again, Rachel came through with the perfect cocktail that tied the entire evening together.  She called this one the “Coco Devereaux”, in honor of the name that allowed me access to this fantastic new expeience, the great and fabulously southern Blanche Devereaux.  Luxardo cherry infused Bulleit bourbon joins chocolate bitters for the perfect final flavor of the night.  We were even given a small bottle of Bulleit bourbon from a memeber of the actual Bulleit family. 

This evening was definatley an L.A. experience.  I met some new people, all total foodies, and stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new.  There were only a couple of things I would change, but I bet the ladies of On The Lamb are on it, and I am looking forward to the next fabulous event that is spawned from their creative, beautiful brains.  Till next time…eat well 🙂


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