Two Cuties and a Handful of Almonds

…is all I’ve had to eat.  I seriously didn’t think about it, that is how stimulating my day was.  I had my triage at Lesly Kahn today.  It was a fantastic experience.  I arrived and was promptly asked to remove my shoes…awesome.  I filled out my forms and, along with about 12 others, was led upstairs to a small office lined with windows and stocked with loads and loads of chi.  We all sat on a huge sectional sofa and chatted for a while.  Then, one by one, we told a bit about ourselves and did our scenes that we  had brought.  Lesly coached us and briefly touched on some of the things that she believes will improve our acting.  After incorporating those things, our scenes all greatly improved and I was totally sold on this woman.  She is wise, to the point, seasoned, honest, and passionate about what she believes in, and I need a piece of that!  I am going to take the intensive there at Lesly Kahn and we shall see where it goes from there. 

After that, I drove to the other end of Hollywood and went to a seminar at the SAG Foundation on actor reels.  I learned a ton, and it would take too long to touch on it all but here are some highlights.  Feature you, not other actors.  Don’t run over 3 minutes (generally, and shorter is better.  Make your reel as long as your material is good.  Good material will be brought down by mediocre, and mediocre doesn’t look better next to good)  Sound is everything, sometimes carrying more weight than content.  The end.

So, before I knew it, it was 9 o’clock and I hadn’t eaten all day.  This is going to go against all that I believe and all that I preach but…I had jack in the box.  Ugh I know right?!  So sick!  but I was freakin starving and i couldn’t help it.  Now, just as I suspected, I have a stomach ache so I am having some sleepytime tea, and trying to wind down.  Such a great day.  I hope to have more days like this.  I met some amazing, beautiful, brave actors today.  I met a powerful teacher that I hope will help me become a better actor and book some jobs.  And I know more about what needs to be on my reel than I did 6 hours ago.  I hope you all have some accomplished days this week.


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