Mi Casa

My sister has been asking for pictures of my house for, I don’t know, like the entire year I have lived in it!  But I didn’t have a camera so I couldn’t upload any pics for her.  Thanks to my new iphone, that almost died last night (that is another story), I can now put my newly acquired, computer savvyness to use and download her some sweet pics!  Funny thing is, I’ll only be living here another month and a half, but I promise to put up some pictures of the new place as soon as it is secured.


Bella and i hang out on the front porch.  I read, and she eats avocados and chases rocks.

This is truly the best time of year in California.  It is cool in the mornings and at night, it rains about once every two weeks and the days aren’t too sunny.  If you are lucky, you’ll even get an overcast day every now and then.  Although we are in the waning days of it, I really love late winter in California.  Soon it will get hot…and dry…and relentlessly sunny and I will long for the east coast springs I took for granted while I had them.


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