this would be my first, official, for real, could get paid, audition…Swiffer.  It went well.  I smiled and mopped the way I would never mop in real life…but I trusted that it looked good 🙂  Now I’ll wait and see.  To be honest, I want to book the job, but a call back would be amazing.  Just to be called personally by the casting director, and told I was going to be brought in, meant a lot because it meant that he trusted me to be professional and make him look good.  But for now,  I will visualize the shoot date, just for good measure.

Afterwards, I rewarded myself  for staying positive and believing in myself, with my most favorite cupcakes in all of L.A…

Relax people…i didn’t eat them all. 

 Toodle Loo!!


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