Day Tripper

My friend Katie and I had a date…a date with Pasadena.  On Friday we travelled 20 minutes to old town Pasadena and made a day of it, strolling through shops and art galleries and lunching on sushi.  It was delightful, and much-needed.  This is something I love about LA.  If you want to go on a day trip and get a change of scenery, its only a 20-30 minute drive in any direction.  Just close your eyes, point at the map, and you are bound to end up somewhere exciting and historic.

This is the Town Hall and its gardens…

At Goldbug, one of my most favorite hidden treasures in Pasadena, we tried on these amazing, handmade, leather masks.

At The Soap Kitchen, the owner showed us how she makes all her soaps by hand in the kitchen in the back of the store, using lye, olive oil, and various fresh spices and essential oils for color and scent.  I found this beautiful and nostalgic.

There is always time for cupcakes, and Dot’s did not disappoint!  Here are a few of the flavors we tried:  Strawberry lemonade, red velvet, carrot, hazelnut creme, fleur de sel, and chocolate mint.  I am a total, self-confessed cupcake snob, and I have to say, there was not a bad one in the bunch!  Bravo ladies 🙂

Then the craziest thing happened…we asked for some advice on which art galleries were good and the owner of Goldbug suggested we go down the street and check out the Monfils exhibit entitled This Is It.  Katie’s face lit up like a pin ball machine.  She loves MJ, so we promptly walked down the street toward the gallery.  There was a big closed sign out front, but the door was cracked so I encouraged her to pop her head in and just see if they would let us take a look.  It turned out that the exhibit was being taken down, but the guys who were doing it were so happy that Katie was so enthusiastic, they proceeded to unwrap pieces for us and show us some of the pieces that were still hanging.  This piece was made from the artist’s actual record collection.  They told us basically, he had one shot at it, without destroying the records, and he pulled it off.  It was amazing in person, the picture doesn’t do it alot of justice.  Anyone got 75,000?  You can have it in your living room…contact  SanMarinoGallery.

Overall, a fantastic day with a great friend.  Today, I feel blessed.


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