Happy New Year

My people!  My readers!  I bright and shiny hello and happy new year to you!  (What is left of you that is)  I understand, i have been gone a long tme.  I understand you are terribly disappointed 🙂  But I have good news…I’M BACK.  I took some time off from the blog because, honestly, i didn’t have many positive, exciting, interesting things to bring you.  I was in it.  And for those of you who have ever been “in it” you know what i am talking about.  But that is behind me.  Of course there will be ups and downs, just like before.  But i needed some reflection and now i can tell you about it…to an extent.  I mean, we all need our secrets right?

Where to start?  Well, i moved out of Los Angeles.  What?!  Yup i did.  It was such a hard decision but it felt like it was the right one.  I still question it every single day, but i have to trust that following my heart at the time will bring me good things in the future.  I came home for many reasons.  I was broke, for one.  I wasn’t finding jobs, like any jobs.  I wasn’t auditioning.  I didn’t feel like an actor.  I was saying I was an actor and i believe that, i am an actor, but i didn’t feel like one.  No creation.  No work.  My family was also going through some minor crises and i thought that i should be close by, in case the bottom dropped out.  So, i packed the car and drove back across the country.  It was so hard to do by myself, but like most things i put my mind to, i got it done.  After I returned home, my Grandmother died in early December…if i regret coming home every single day, it was worth it to be here to spend some precious time with her before she passed.  I was able to attend the funeral and read some of her poetry in the service.  It was so special to me to do that, after all, i must owe some of my artistic talents to her…

So now I am here with Bella, in Jasper Alabama, sitting in a lakehouse that is 20 minutes from a grocery store.  It is lonely and isolated.  But i need that to study and write.  I am currently working on Graduate School auditions.  We can talk about schools once i am accepted.  But know for now my outlook is possibility.   It’s that simple.  I hope that this year brings you joy and good things.  I hope that you eat some nourishing, delicious food, i will try to bring you some recipes; that you meet new people that will enrich your life; that you make some goals because you want more, not because it’s the new year…and that you accomplish them; and mostly that you remain open to new things, even the things that seem bad, because you never know where they can lead you. 

I appreciate you for reading this.  A woman walked up to me at the funeral, who I did not know immediately, and she said “i read your blog. i keep up with you.”  It felt amazing to know that.  So I promise to keep writing, even though i should probably change the title of the blog now 🙂  Thanks for hanging with me if you did.  It’s going to be a new and exciting year!


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