What makes me tick…

I am a terribly passionate girl who is starting her life fresh in Los Angeles, CA.  Why L.A. you ask?  I am an actress, and though i would take any kind of paying acting job where i could support myself and move an audience, I want to give it a try in L.A. while i have my youth and ambition.  This blog is about my life here, the good and the bad.  I hope that it gives someone encouragement who might be trying to do the same thing that i am doing, whether it be acting, or just starting over.  I love eating with friends, travelling, going to the movies, music, and of course…acting.  I don’t think i would want to live without these things.  Oh and i have the best dog ever, her name is Bella.


2 responses to “What makes me tick…


  2. Sam Mitchell

    Hi, LeeAnne!
    Congrats on making your big move. I’m glad you subscribed me to your mailing list.
    I’m happy for you! Also I’m happy for America!
    Your long-lost non-cousin Sam

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