Today is the day that you should spend with the one, or ones, you love the most.  Due to unexpected events…my plans have changed, but i think it is for the better.  I am going to take my best friend, my dog Bella, to  hike at Runyan Canyon.  It is one of our favorite things to do together.  Then i am going to spend some time on me and go to a yoga class.  Whoever said you can’t love yourself on Valentine’s day?  I may have dinner plans but it is still up in the air.  Hopefully i do because i have a super cute red dress that i want to wear.  Hopefully i’ll have some pics to follow all this talk.

In other news, i went to see Friday the 13th last night with my friend Chris who just moved here from New York.  It was delightfully cheesy, with just the right amount of gratuitous nudity, chessy only-liners, and overly gorey death scenes.  This usually bothers me, but for some reason last night i found it very entertaining.  So for a good time i would highly suggest it!  Happy Valentines Weekend everyone!


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